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Primary planning with Projects on a Page

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Henry Clark, Year 3 teacher, and Art and D&T Lead, Moorlands Junior School

In 2017 I became Art and D&T lead and I knew that I wanted to focus on implementing a well-structured and supportive Design and Technology long term plan. That year, Moorlands was chosen to host D&T CPD for the Trafford Teaching Schools Alliance and work with ITT design and technology tutor Ben Sedman (Manchester Metropolitan University) to offer expertise in teaching the subject at the primary school level. I hosted the termly CPD meetings and they were a great opportunity to network, share good practice, ask questions and learn new practical skills. Ben encouraged us to become members of the D&T Association and to access their resources, including Projects on a Page (PoaP). In an early meeting I was able to meet my Infant School counterpart and discuss our approaches to design and technology and it transpired that they had recently introduced Projects on a Page and were positive about its impact for children and their learning. This supported my decision to move Moorlands towards adopting the scheme and provide continuity between our two settings.

We follow an Art and D&T long term plan that details three Art units and three D&T units across the year, each lasting approximately one half term. We work in one combined sketchbook and make the start of a new Art or D&T unit clear with a cover page or vocabulary mat.